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Our big ugly fat-necked wombat headed* Prime Minister
Got his knickers in a twist over some animal rights protesters
“It’s shameful, it’s unastrayan!!!” he roared and pounded his chest
Keep living in ignorant bliss you pig eating buffoon.

At the RSL Club some drongo shoves a meat tray in my face
“Raffle ticket love, to help out our fishing club mates?”
“PISS OFF!” I yell articulately and recoil in disgust
He waves his finger, “You know what you is, you is Unastrayan!”

I hate Australia Day and its tacky Chinese made shite
“Check out me Straya day singlet, hat and thongs!”
And I can’t stand our National Anthem…
No particular reason, it’s just a really crap song!

I hate the smell of beer, and drunken sozzled fools
I hate John Williamson and his woeful song True Blue
The Melbourne Cup, rugby league, cricket & BBQ’sĀ 
Add vegemite to the list cause yep I hate that too

I hope every McDonalds burns to the ground
I wish every abattoir to be shut down
I desire every duck hunter dies a slow and painful death
I pray the circus lions turn on their tormentors and rip them all to shreds

So I am Unastrayan, and that’s fine by me
For as the great man Gandhi once proclaimed…
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged
by the way its animals are treated
Australia has a long way to go in that respect, and that is the real shame.

*apologies to Ned Kelly and wombats


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  1. Hi Julie – what an amazing poem!! Definitely pulling no punches there. Love your strong language and the emotion it brings forth! I also love the use of Australian vernacular and “knickers in a twist” made me laugh. Thanks for brightening my day! šŸ˜


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