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Francis Webb and Mental Illness. Does stigma still exist?

Reading Francis Webb's poems from Ward Two was tough. Pneumo-encephalograph had me wincing in pain, its graphic description of an archaic procedure where oxygen is pumped into the brain for an x-ray is just too horrific. I could dissect the poem here but I'd just end up with a headache. But his overall themes of... Continue Reading →


Our big ugly fat-necked wombat headed* Prime MinisterGot his knickers in a twist over some animal rights protesters"It's shameful, it's unastrayan!!!" he roared and pounded his chestKeep living in ignorant bliss you pig eating buffoon.At the RSL Club some drongo shoves a meat tray in my face"Raffle ticket love, to help out our fishing club... Continue Reading →

Misanthropic Misophonic

I have since my teens felt like a misfit in society. My growing intolerance of crowds, traffic, noises and children leaves me invariably pondering why I was put on this earth. I seem to lack that filter others possess which often results in me offending people. Humans do weird things I cannot comprehend like eating... Continue Reading →

julie is a junkie…

In setting up this blog page for my uni course in Australian Literature I had to pick a username. Every name I tried was taken so when this song came on my Spotify playlist at 3am I typed it in and voila, here I am. Julie Is A Junkie is a ridiculously catchy tune by... Continue Reading →

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